RENEVforge – RSL – Lightsaber Display – 001

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RSL Lightsaber Display Series 001 is a horizontal hilt orientated display with a wide variety of interchangeable “Hands”, “Feet”, and “Spines”. Due to the large quantity of available configurations, each component is sold individually.

You would need to purchase, 2 Hands, 2 Feet, and 1 Spine to complete your display stand. You must choose 2 of the same length Feet for the display stand to function properly. Hands can be of mixed types.

Here are the available Hands:

  • HAND-001
  • HAND-002
  • HAND-003
  • HAND-004
  • HAND-005

Here are the available Feet:

Here are the available Spines:

  • SPINE-001
  • SPINE-002
  • SPINE-003
  • SPINE-004
  • SPINE-005
  • SPINE-006
  • SPINE-007
  • SPINE-008
  • SPINE-009
  • SPINE-010
  • SPINE-011
  • SPINE-012

You can also choose from pre-made versions were we choose the 2 Feet, 2 Hands and 1 Spine:


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